roadrunner_uk (roadrunner_uk) wrote in roadrunneruk,

He beat me to it...

Well, it's a not bad start Mr. cazius, and congrats on getting the proverbial 'ball rolling'!

Anyway, just to say welcome to everyone that has so far joined the group, how satisfying it is to have members to speak of, hopefully it grows more popular and see where it can go from there! Like it says in the Community Bio., this journal is all about Roadrunner and the acts signed to it, so...You got anything to ask, comment on, review and/or show us, don't be afraid to get to it!!!

The 'sister' Journal to the Community, indeed the one posting this, should have regular updates on tours, releases and where and when possible, news on all the bands so check that out too...You never know, there might just be something there of interest!

So to end, before this post starts to drag on, how about everyone contribute a little about themselves, why they joined the Community and what it is you like about Roadrunner and/or it's Bands!
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