Cazzeh (cazius) wrote in roadrunneruk,

Hey hey. Whassup biatches?

Im steven, I be co-maintainer of these here community. I only just realised that there are some issues with the design layout if you are viewing in 800x600 resolution. I hope to sort this ASAP, it may mean the journal will look a bit fucked if you look at it from now till i fix it though cos code will be everywhere!

Till then, can I re-itterate, this journal is best viewed in 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

Anyways, now the techy stuffs out the way...lets start with a hot topic!
Who all went to see the masters of metal that ae MACHINE HEAD? I seen em in glasgow, for the second year running, fucking brilliant band, best live band ive ever seen. Whoes lookin forward to the dvd.
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Hey man, Machine Fuckin' Head!

Dude, I understand the first gig blew away...But this one was historic!!! I've never seen such madness and intesity in one place EVER!!! Dude, I'm completely biast when I say they'll be hard topped to better the Chimaira DVD...But I hope they try!!!