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Sounds Of The Underground Tour Contest @ Soundnova.com [25 May 2005|08:52pm]
Soundnova.com is offering you a chance to win an autographed guitar from the heaviest tour this summer.

Win an autographed guitar and cd packs from artists on the Sounds Of The Underground tour featuring none other than Chimaira and Devildriver, as well as Lamb Of God, Poison The Well, From Autumn To Ashes, Every Time I Die, Strapping Young Lad, High On Fire, The Black Dahlia Murder, Nora and special guests GWAR.

Visit www.soundnova.com to enter.

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Ready, steady... [10 Jan 2005|08:45pm]

Well folks, get a look at this -----> http://www.roadrunnerrecords.co.uk/tour/

Who's going to what? Who can't wait for a tour?? WHO'S SO EXCITED THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO FIRST??!

Phwoaaaaaaaar...Bring it on Roadrunner!!! =D

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[01 Jan 2005|03:45pm]


Hope you've all had a great holiday and festive season, and looking forward to the new year ahead! Any New Year's resolutions??! Here's one for you all...Gigs, gigs and more gigs!!! There's plenty of Roadrunner Bands heading over to these coasts in the coming months, so check out roadrunner_uk and you'll find plenty of links telling you about tour news.

So from roadrunner_uk and the rest of the Community, have a great New Year and keep enjoying the Bands and music we all love!!!

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As promised... [28 Dec 2004|06:59pm]

roadrunner_uk headed to London on Sunday night, for the Metal Hammer 'Hammered at Christmas' one-off show, including In Flames, Chimaira, Lacuna Coil, Caliban and Koma *edit: sadly Koma were unable to play the show and pulled out of the line-up a few weeks previously*. It was to say, a very eventful and exciting few days...But enough of that and more about the gig, as I said I would!!!

The show would be staged at the Hammersmith Apollo. This was the first time roadrunner_uk has had the opportunity to see a show there, and on consideration, it was a very fitting and well organised gig! A mixed crowd came to see this one-off display of metal, due to the welcome slight-variety of music produced by each band. Still, something there to suit everyone's tastes!!!

Next up on the bill was Roadrunner 'newcomers' Caliban, stemming from Germany (if you didn't already know). The second time in a month roadrunner_uk would have the pleasure of seeing this brilliant new band perform, after supporting Machine Head on their latest UK tour. After the first time, and making such a good impression, roadrunner_uk was more than eager to see them again and show support 10x!!! Running to the bottom of the floor, wearing Caliban T-shirt proudly and singing word for word, it was instantly apparent that something was wrong!!! Nothing wrong concerning the band and their performance ability, but technical difficulties from the venue, regarding the guitar!!! With great dismay, these 'Gremlins' would force the band to cut thier set unbelievably short and call it a night!!! The crowd, surprisingly, showed great support and encouragement and shouted "CALIBAN, CALIBAN!" as the band exited the stage!!! Though they weren't given the opportunity to prove themselves and cement their abilities in new comers, possibly new fans, there seemed to be a strong enough following of the band in the crowd to say that should they come back to the UK again, Caliban will need not worry about thier shows' attendance!!!

Following Caliban were Roadrunner favourites Chimaira. Knowing they no longer have anything to prove, Chimaira take to the stage with the presidence that they have come to do whatever it is they see fit...And to the MANY thanks of all their adoring fans, that would be to Rock the shit out of their most Metal night!!! Kicking off with crowd favourite 'Pure Hatred', it was obvious from the start that the majority of the people at the gig this night were there because, no...FOR them!!! With the kind of intensity that could rip through to the Earth's core, both band and crowd worked to shake the venue right down to it's foundations!!! Some surprises from Chimaira came in the form of Mark (Hunter, Vocals) and Rob (Arnold, Lead Guitar) taking to the stage with new haircuts!!! Both choosing to forget the wintery conditions outside and opt for shaved heads, not quite to the bone, but a vast difference from the dread-flailing and hair-spinning days that preceeded them!!! Reasons to these 'new looks' were suggested by both band and Roadrunner officials, but that will have to be left for the imagination, as only us lucky few to find out may have been told in confidence!!! ;) Other surprises turned up in songs played from the highly underated Roadrunner debut album 'Pass Out Of Existence' and new material written recently in the studios!!! 'Severed', played brilliantly if not a tad experimental, was sure to have the crowd fist pumping into the air and circling the floor with excitement!!! New song, which name has left roadrunner_uk (as it was named after a classic WWF Wrestler for playing sake and not to be kept as a title), would see the crowd going 'ape-shit' to every unheard guitar riff, drum-blast and vocal-growl played! If this shows anything from things to come with Chimaira's forthcoming album, it's going to be brutally-beautiful!!! By the looks on every Chimaira fan's face, they already can't wait!!!

The first co-headliner of the night would be Lacuna Coil. Sadly, not a band particularly favoured by roadrunner_uk, and very much un-listened to. From the songs that were witnessed, it could be said they played tightly, and proved their popularity with existing fans, but really there was nothing there to keep the attention of anyone who was there predominantly to see any of the other bands. Each member of Lacuna Coil clearly masters of thier instrument of choice, but bringing nothing original to the night other than two vocalists and a sound that could be described as nu-metal, and could've be heard years ago!!!

Lastly, and the night's finishers, were In Flames! Before the band even got the opportunity to get on the stage, you could tell something big was going to come of this!!! Roadies frantically setting up pyrotechnics and equipment, and the crowd surging into the auditorium to see this astonishing band!!! On they gracefully strode, ready to give the people what they wanted...And oh did they!?!! Riffs that could shake out fillings, rhythms that would rattle your ribcage and vocals that meander into your inner ear and shred your brain like LeatherFace waving his chainsaw inside you skull!!! It's hard to say what happened between the first bang and flare of the pyros and final chord of the bands set, because they were so jaw-dropping it was hard to pay attention to what was actually happening!!! Being grasped by the music in such a way that only the person in front of you, who's back your drooling down may show any sign of flicker, but even that would be hard to take the stakes away from the band that night!!! They were magnificent! Extremely unbiastly, they were the band of the night, showing every band before them a thing or two!!!

Our Roadrunner boys did well, if not for a few difficulties!!! They certainly brought something new to the night that only a Roadrunner band can, and they made us all proud!!!

...Now, time for roadrunner_uk to get some rest and heal the battered bones and bruises, the pits were brutal!!! It may take a long time to get over that adventure...Well, until Killswitch Engage play Glasgow and London in January!!! MAYBE!!!

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A festive note... [26 Dec 2004|03:51pm]

Although it's a day too late to be wishing you all a Merry Christmas, it's not too late ot hope you all had a good one! Besides, not all of us are particularly Xmas-y anyway...But it's nice to wish everyone well!

Anyway, a quick note to let you all know that roadrunner_uk will be going down to London to see The Metal Hammer one off Christmas show, with In Flames, Chimaira, Lacuna Coil and Caliban...So expect a wee report-like post on return, to let you know how our Roadrunner favourites got on!!!

That'll probably be the last post before the new year, unless any of you lot wish to contribute something, which would be nice to hear from you! So I expect Roadrunner wishes everyone had a Very Merry Chrimbo, and we're all looking forward to an extremely Metal New Year!

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He beat me to it... [21 Dec 2004|08:26pm]

Well, it's a not bad start Mr. cazius, and congrats on getting the proverbial 'ball rolling'!

Anyway, just to say welcome to everyone that has so far joined the group, how satisfying it is to have members to speak of, hopefully it grows more popular and see where it can go from there! Like it says in the Community Bio., this journal is all about Roadrunner and the acts signed to it, so...You got anything to ask, comment on, review and/or show us, don't be afraid to get to it!!!

The 'sister' Journal to the Community, indeed the one posting this, should have regular updates on tours, releases and where and when possible, news on all the bands so check that out too...You never know, there might just be something there of interest!

So to end, before this post starts to drag on, how about everyone contribute a little about themselves, why they joined the Community and what it is you like about Roadrunner and/or it's Bands!

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[21 Dec 2004|04:00pm]

Hey hey. Whassup biatches?

Im steven, I be co-maintainer of these here community. I only just realised that there are some issues with the design layout if you are viewing in 800x600 resolution. I hope to sort this ASAP, it may mean the journal will look a bit fucked if you look at it from now till i fix it though cos code will be everywhere!

Till then, can I re-itterate, this journal is best viewed in 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

Anyways, now the techy stuffs out the way...lets start with a hot topic!
Who all went to see the masters of metal that ae MACHINE HEAD? I seen em in glasgow, for the second year running, fucking brilliant band, best live band ive ever seen. Whoes lookin forward to the dvd.

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WELCOME... [16 Dec 2004|08:42pm]




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